Are you a regular BlackBerry WhatsApp user? So far, we know that WhatsApp appearance at BlackBerry could be the worst among the various versions of WhatsApp in smartphone platforms. It’s plain, tasteless, quite disappointing for one of the most popular “messaging client” today. What makes it popular (even begin to rival the use of SMS) is the reliability to deliver the message, even if the appearance is not as interesting as Kik or PingChat (now called Touch).

Fortunately, soon WhatsApp for BlackBerry will get display update. As reported by BGR, in the next few days, there will be more modern appearance with five shades of tab icons color and it will be more attractive. Based on the existing screenshot, the appearance reminds me of Twitter for iPhone in earlier generations.

As explained by Mr Michael Donohue, Senior Engineer WhatsApp BlackBerry, the new UI is made by a designer who really doesn’t understand the complexity of the development on the BlackBerry platform. It seems that to make a realization in the application form is also a challenge.

Although BGR seems quite impressed with the results of this WhatsApp renewal, to be honest I haven’t felt the same. I think the new version of Kik (on BlackBerry) still shows the better UI. But let’s wait for the full version.