Fresh from the announcement of Budi Putra as a Director at the company, international video site Viki today announces availability of its apps for Android and iPad. While Viki has had an iPod touch and iPhone app for a while and an exclusive Android app for Samsung Galaxy device owners, it wasn’t until today for the apps to be more widely available.

The iPad app is actually an update to the earlier iPhone app made universal, which means those who have the iPhone version and would like to watch their favorite Korean, English, Japanese, Indian, British, American or other TV shows, movies and entertainment news on the iPad can just go ahead and update the app. The Android app works equally well on tablets and phones.

The apps allow Viki viewers access to all of the videos hosted by Viki and to watch them right where you left off which makes it easier for people who are on the move. You can tell your friends what you’re watching through Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS (although it’s rather strange to have the SMS option in the iPad) and they can watch it on Viki’s website if they don’t have the app.

Push notification informs you of any new shows that Viki has made available and you can discover new ones from the Featured section as well. The apps are available through the App Store and the Android Market.