Effective Measure, a company works in digital media planning and solution released a report, which at least consists of two main issue about the internet access in Indonesia. There is a list of Top 100 Websites and the trend of sports category in SEA influenced by the UEFA Cup qualification including the Top 5 Sport Websites in Indonesia.

According to the report, the Top 5 Sport Websites (Indonesia) in the three weeks in September are Bola.net, Bolanews.com, Kompas.com – Sport, Vivanews.com – Sports, and Duniasoccer.com.

This trend is the effect of two things: UEFA Cup and Rugby World Cup. On September 7th, there is a significant traffic enhancement from the internet access in SEA. On that date, the number of unique browser reached more than 1,5 million. The number of Indonesian unique browser (the first two weeks of September) is 240.000 and it increases for about 5.5%

Effective Measure listed the Top 100 Websites in Indonesia. However, I will only mention 20 of them. The Top 20 Websites according to Effective Measure are:

  1. yahoo.com
  2. blogspot.com
  3. facebook.com
  4. youtube.com
  5. google.com
  6. wordpress.com
  7. vivanews.com
  8. kaskus.us
  9. 4shared.com
  10. detik.com
  11. wikipedia.org
  12. kompas.com
  13. twitter.com
  14. detikNews
  15. tokobagus.com
  16. kapanlagi.com
  17. multiply.com
  18. detikSport
  19. mediafire.com
  20. okezone.com

From the complete list, I found interesting things as well and Google+ is one of them. This site is quite interesting for internet users in Indonesia. It is on the 58th on the list. It might be a proof that the internet users in Indonesia like to be early adopters and be social segment services users.

There is also Dealkeren.com on the 80th that being the only daily deals service or at least became the popular site that offers deals.

Effective Measure also stated that the Vivanews.com performance is increasing. The mobile access for Bolanews.com also reaches 60%. For me, it is an indication that content can be one of the reasons why people access internet.

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