During this time, to know the schedule of KRL Commuter Jabodetabek train, we can check the PDF file distributed by KRLmania’s website or using the application inside PT. KAI Commuter Jabodetabek official website. However, both methods are impractical and tend to be a little looking for it manually.

Today, an easier way is presented by Nyepur.com. In its website, Nyepur.com provides a local close range train timetable search service. Not only for KRL Commuter Jabodetable, Nyepur.com also gives schedule information for KRD Bandung Raya and Prambanan Express (Jogja-Solo).

Nyepur.com provides information on train schedule by presenting a couple of search parameters such as initial station, destination station and time of departure. With these parameters, initial search can be more focused according to user’s requirements. In addition to having fullsite view, Nyepur.com also has a lightweight mobile display, making it easier to access using mobile devices.

Great thing is, if your search parameters do not meet direct route, Nyepur.com will give you an alternative route suggestions to make a transit. I tried this feature when looking for KRL Jabodetabek’s schedule from Bekasi to Bogor. The suggested alternative route also has time description so we can estimate the time of our trip.

Unfortunately, among the many local rail services, only three are displayed on Nyepur.com. Whereas some other routes such as the Jogja-Solo-Semarang (Blora Jaya) or Madiun Solo (Madiun Jaya) are also eligible to appear. Besides utilized by local commuter, these routes are associated with tourist destinations that are needed by the tourist.

Nyepur.com’s look is neat and light enough so that helps users who use these services through mobile devices. The application is also web-based that does not depend on certain platform and only requires a browser to access it. Featured phone users (as long as you can access the internet) can also enjoy Nyepur.com’s service.