Who says the music industry is dead? While Napster might have spelled doom at one point in history, the past 10 years have seen an ever-accelerating comeback in the digital music space. While iTunes might still hold a dominant spot over digital music sales, more innovations and startups are breaking into the scene and making their own noise (nudge at Spotify).  I literally couldn’t decide what to write about for this week’s column, so I’ve decided to do a short summary of all the interesting news around digital music.

With all the action going on in digital music in the US and Europe, the question comes to mind – what’s happening in Asia? Now that question, deserves its own article.

Ario worked in the digital music industry in Indonesia from 2003 to 2010, and recently worked in the movie and TV industry in Vietnam. Keep up with him on Twitter at @barijoe or his blog on http://barijoe.wordpress.com