At the MobileMonday event last night at FX Plaza -the same venue they announced the Y! acquisition 6 months ago- Koprol‘s CTO Daniel Armanto announced that they will open up their API for third party developers shortly. At the event, Daniel also introduced a simple code for calling Koprol’s functions via their API using YQL. Although it’s not 100% ready, Daniel said that they will surely release the API for their services fully integrated with some of Yahoo! platform such as Yahoo! Query Language.

Currently Koprol has an API ready to used, but it’s mostly open for a few limited partners and not for public developers yet. After the API is fully integrated with Yahoo!’s platform, they will release the documentation for public developers to use their API.

Koprol’s API was highly anticipated by the developer community especially in Indonesia, I’ve been asked so many times about when is Koprol’s API will be available and of course i forwarded the question to Koprol’s team. Earlier this year, Urbanesia partnered with Koprol and use Koprol’s limited API and embed Koprol stream on Urbanesia’s website. I think it’s one of Koprol’s first partner to work with them and use their API.