After got acquired by Yahoo, Koprol is now expanding like crazy, adding more talented people to their team and adding major features, it seems that they’re ready to take on the world. The latest addition for major features is that Koprol now enable you to automatically send your geo-location data in order for Koprol to display the nearest venue based on your geo-location data.

This feature makes it easier for you to do checkins, because  you don’t have to search keywords of a venue, simply choose the venue from the list generated by Koprol based on your current location; or you can add new venues as well, Koprol hasn’t got that many venues yet.

You can enable this feature by enabling your browser to send geo-location data, most browser will ask permission to send geo-location data to the service, all you have to is say YES or ALLOW. Regarding the privacy issue, Koprol’s Chief Creative – Satya Witoelar said that Koprol does not keep or save your location data, Koprol only save the venue when you finally decided to checkin into.

This is a one step ahead for Koprol in its local battle with Foursquare, where Foursquare now has cluttered and inaccurate data on venues, which is disturbing for me. And most modern browser currently support this feature, so just in case your browser doesn’t support this, you might consider to change your browser. For real.