Apparently Koprol users has been longing for a Retweet-like feature on Koprol, where they can recommend good content and keep good content on the top of the timeline. User’s wish is Koprol’s command, now they start to implement “bump” feature that works exactly like Retweet on Twitter.

The feature let users to “bump” a content on Koprol that will automatically exposed to your followers, exactly like Retweet on Twitter. “Bump really helps for people like me who miss good prol all the time :)” said Koprol’s Chief Fajar AB at Koprol. In a way that’s true, it really gives a chance for good content to stay on top of the timeline giving more relevancy to users.

And haters will always be haters, as soon as the feature launched some users already seen some issue with people who mis-use the feature. Some user complain that this “bump” feature is taking Koprol away from its “location-aware” features, although i personally can’t see how “bump” is taking away the “location-aware” features away from Koprol.

And just like on Twitter where people abuse the usage of their ReTweet feature. It’s helpless really, abuser will always be there on every service we can find, and it’s Koprol’s decision to either stop them to keep doing that or facilitate them and go along with how they’re using the service.