We just received official news that AdMax is acquired by Komli Media, a digital media network platform.

Through this acquisition, AdMax can access Komli Media’s vast variety of digital platform such as display ads, mobile ads, video ads, social ads, and search ads as well as the whole complete data. Prashant Mehta, Komli Media CEO said that this acquisition will strengthen Komli Media’s positioning in Asia’s digital platform for advertising and also expand its presence in markets like Indonesia, Thailand andd Malaysia where AdMax has strong presence.

A few months ago, Peter Goldsworthy led AdMax’s operations in Indonesia before he resigned and join local online property player Rumah123.com. Founded in 2006, AdMax currently boasts 90 million ad impressions under its platform and working together with more than 4600 publishers throughout South East Asia. AdMax also has representatives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.