Andrew Darwis, founder and CTO of Kaskus recently announce that the forum site will upgrade its core system, leaving VBulletin behind. Vbulletin has been empowering Kaskus’ backend platform for more than 11 years since Kaskus first founded. Thousands of forums out there are also powered by VBulletin.

This announcement is most likely related to Darwis’ plan for #newkaskus, he’s been tweeting about upgrading Kaskus’ backend platform following the current technical problem he and his team faced. Darwis also indicates that the development team is currently building a new platform from scratch, custom made for Kaskus’ needs in light of higher scalability. This has been a big issue for Kaskus especially with the currently growing traffic and constant spikes from promos and other offline activities; their servers just can’t take it anymore.

Kaskus also starting to invite its several key users to try #newkaskus as beta testers and we currently have no info on when it will become publicly open for all Kaskus users. Let’s wait for the updates from Kaskus dev team.