Indonesian ICT Partnership Association (ICT Watch) is holding Indonesian Google Policy Fellowship program. Sponsored by Google, this program is looking for an Indonesian student (undergraduate, master and doctoral) who is interested in the dynamics of the internet as a new media in Indonesia to be a policy fellow.

The student selected in Indonesian Google Policy Fellowship will participate in activities at the ICT Watch for 10 weeks full, divided into two periods. During said period, the selected student or researcher will do a research about internet policy in Indonesia, especially with regard to freedom of expression and public participation. Not only that, the selected student will receive a stipend from Google worth US$7.500.

The topics of the research are not limited and ICT Watch provided some of the examples which include Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, Internet Security, Governance Transparency, ICT for Women and SMEs, or examples of the application on a website that deals with the topics that have been mentioned. Student or researcher who’s interested to join in this program must make a research proposal with said topics or other topics related to Internet policy.

ICT Watch opens registration up to May 15, 2012 through email: Complete requirements for this program can be seen on this page.