The Indonesia Bermain 2011 has been held successfully for two days 22 – 23 October 2011 in Sabuga Bandung as part of a series of events. Previously, there were roadshows to a number of cities in Indonesia as the warming up and the publication of the Idea competition event.

Indonesia Bermain 2011 was organized by Agate Studio, Kummara, Marketing magazine, and AnimartDigi. This event was also supported by Nokia Developer, communities, game developers, local game publishers. There were also many attractive games provided for visitors.

Besides, the game facilities from board games and family games (playground), card games, interactive games on PC and digital (mobile), there are some other facilities provided by the organizer. There were conference, exhibitions, music performance, also competitions provided on the stands or special area for games. The aim to provide playing ground was quite successful. You readers can also get other news for the complete review about this event. Meanwhile, I will write this article by taking the participant’s point of view and considering my experiences while attend the event.

I took the chance to attend Indonesia Bermain 2011. One of the aims is to see people’s interest on game, including board game, card game, and mobile-digital game, especially in Bandung. However, the participants were not only come from Bandung, they are also from other cities in Indonesia). As I mentioned previously, this event can provide sample of game industry users in Indonesia. Moreover, according to the committee, there were more than 3,500 visitors attending the first day of this event, and it was doubled in the next day.

There were some interesting things from this event. The first is the high interest of media exposure. Actually, I haven’t read the published article, but I knew that some media came to cover the news since the Mayor of Bandung and the Vice Governor of Jawa Barat (West Java) were also there. Moreover, Dede Yusuf—Vice Governor of West Java also tried some games at the venue, one of them is Smash Mania Game from Agate, in the field provided by Nokia.

Media coverage can be an important element since this was the first Indonesia Bermain event. Media could help introduce and expose this event to populace.

Besides, I also tried to talk to some local developers and participants (stand attendances) to know their comments about this event. From the entire participant I asked, almost all of them give good response such as that it is crowded by visitors with high interest of the information they provided.

Not only trying games or facilities provided by exhibition participants, visitors also interested to know more about the game industry. In addition, developers and participants can promote their products or services to audiences that they haven’t met before.

Besides, there were some participants got business chances from company/ studio. One of the participants interested a VC from Bandung. Another one was a student of business school who is interested to do further development on the product of an exhibiting developer.

It was quite impossible to talk to all of the participants. Moreover, it was a very big event. There were three main areas also community room and conference room. In two days, I was also being a busy bee to see the interaction between visitors and stands. Many people didn’t expect before that many chances emerge in this event.

In the awarding night, there were announced the winner for game idea competition. There are 3 winners for each category selected from the nine finalists.

  • Conventional Game: Burger Tower
  • Square Enix Digital Game: Numby
  • Nokia Mobile Game: Ethnica Melodia

Nothing is perfect. My friend who comes from Singapore also gave suggestion for this event. According to him, the information about the detail of this event is not informed clear enough. He asked several times to some of the organizers but not all of them give satisfying information. Maybe it is because the system of the organizing team is volunteering. I also saw that it might be better if the name of the stands can be in the same design and use the direction from the event, so that they could perform more interesting. At least, there should be a name for every stand, since not all of them have it on their stands.

However, this event has just held for the first time. I should give a thumb up to the committee. Arief Widhiyasa, the Agate Studio CEO, stated on the closing event that he feel happy to see the visitors enjoy the games and be happy. In addition Eko Nugroho, the chairman of the committee, from Kummara, stated the same thing. It was two days playing. Off course, it was for positive purposes as the aim of the Indonesia Bermain to promote back playing as an important and positive activity. Eko hopes that there will be Indonesia Bermain (part II) next year.

Below is the video of Indonesia Bermain 2011 event in two days:

Disclosure: DailySocial is a media partner of this event.