We’ve just received an anonymous tip that eBay will end its partnership with plasa.com in just a matter of days. The company in fact has hired a representative and either has or will very soon open an office in Grand Indonesia in central Jakarta.

We’re expecting to receive more details on this in the coming days as the company prepares to officially announce its arrival and plans for Indonesia.

This puts the earlier announcement in a different light and will likely jump start the ecommerce scene in Indonesia. Whether the auction giant will prevail in the region remains to be seen as it certainly has a lot of barriers to overcome. Establishing an office in Jakarta however means the company is confident that the market is there to be seized and it will be able to deal with the challenges.

update: I should probably add that eBay Indonesia’s domain, which was registered to CV eBay Indonesia since 17 December 2004, expired on August 31, 2011. Thanks @gueamu for the tip.