Today, online giant Detik officially enters daily deals market by (silently) launching

As we can see from its homepage, there are already several deals available, and for a brand as big as Detik, it shouldn’t be hard work in getting merchants. Personally I think it will be easy for Detik to “take away” smaller daily deals website’s market, even Groupon Indonesia’s and DealKeren’s, current leaders of daily deals market.

Currently Detikdeal is still focussing on Jakarta, although expansion to other big cities in Indonesia is absolutely not a problem for Detik. Product wise, Detikdeal has yet anything special compared to Groupon Indonesia, Dealkeren and other daily deals websites, but Detik being a leading brand, it would smooth things up.

And I’d say, Detikdeal could be the best Detik property, User Experience design wise, but of course all of daily deals website have similar looks. Even so, congratulation and welcome to daily deals market for Detikdeal. Try not to forget to spare some deals for other players. 😉

Translated by Nita Sellya.