’s New CEO and COO

Iriana Muadz is officially appointed by Telkom’s Board of Directors to replace Shinta Dhanuwardoyo (ex CEO), and Ariadi Anaya as interim CEO at At the end of 2010 (then) CEO Shinta D left and followed by resignation of Chief Innovation Officer Andi S Boediman at early 2011. During transition Ariadi Anaya was appointed as interim CEO until Iriana Muadz joins them March 2011.

Looking at her LinkedIn profile, Iriana previously held strategic positions in big FMCH companies such as Unilever and Bintang Toedjoe. Her experience is also prominent, especially on brand strategy, marketing, sales and even business operations.

This choice that Telkom’s BOD made, to appointed the Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agriculture Institute) graduate, is interesting. They chose someone with a basic expertise on sales and marketing; I assumed that Ibu Iriana also in posses of excellent digital knowledge, combined with her marketing skill. I think her solid corporate culture will fit with Telkom’s culture, where this seemed to be a problem of its own between Telkom and duo Shinta-Andi who tend to be entrepreneurial and dynamic.

Other than the top position, Chief Operating Officer is currently held by Widi Nugroho. This is also, if I may say, an interesting position because Widi had started as technologist in Telkom since 1999; so it looks like Widi Nugroho is Telkom’s golden boy in their technology field.

It is interesting to see whether duo Iriana Muadz and Widi Nugroho can bring back on its feet, because it seems to be struggling from product, sales, marketing and even logistic side. Will the skill set they have be fir and enough to bring back Let’s wait and see how they will do in Indonesia’s e-commerce.

Translated by Nita Sellya


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