Nokia Lumia Apps on Demand, Nokia’s New Challenge for Local Developers

After its Nokia Asha Apps Challenge, Nokia is back in challenging local developers to continue to be creative in Nokia Lumia Apps on Demand. If Nokia Asha Apps Challenge was intended for application developers in Nokia S40 platform, Nokia Lumia Apps on Demand is intended for developers of applications for Windows Phone platform.

Nokia Lumia Apps on Demand will not only involve developers but also the users. Users will be asked to provide suggestion or ideas of applications they want to be available on their Nokia Lumia smartphone. These suggestions will be accommodated in Nokia Indonesia’s Facebook Page. The recommendations will be collected until May 26, 2012.

Of all submitted suggestions, Nokia will choose the 3 best ideas and challenge the local application developers to realize the idea in application form. Reportedly, both the developer and idea provider will get the newest Nokia Lumia as a prize.

Support Local Developers

Nokia is quite active in holding events that cater for local developers, who are currently or is going to be creating applications. In addition to this competition, Nokia also has the Lumia Windows Developer Day and Mobile Game Developer War 3 on its agenda.

According to Kompas Tekno, support from Nokia has led to 3,000 applications by Indonesian developers making it to the Nokia Store. Of all the apps, apparently there had been 2.5 million downloads from around the world on weekly basis. Globally, Nokia Store records more than 13 million downloads per day with more than 100.000 applications.

In addition to the Nokia Store, Nokia’s Lumia phones with Windows Phone operating system have Marketplace access that lists around 70,000 apps. Nokia also lists apps for Windows Phone made by Indonesian developers on its own site. For applications made by Indonesian developers, Nokia Indonesia has provided a dedicated page on its own website to showcase the apps.


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