Here It Comes Again: Asia’s Top 50 Apps

The awards for application in Asia, Asia’s Top 50 Apps, comes and opens chances for application (web-mobile) based in Asia to send their application to join the first step of the event.

As what happened last year, in the first stage, the participants can do online register or nominate their favorite application here and let the visitor of the site to vote the submitted application.

From the information received by DailySocial, Asia’s Top 50 Apps 2011 is an award for web and mobile application innovation and for building the awareness of developers about their application. This event is held by SingTel Innovation Exchange which is a part of Accelerate@TechVenture and organized by e27.

The event of conference and the awarding will be on October 14th 2011 in the same time with the Accelerate@TechVenture Forum. The coming event will be the second annual event. You may still remember that last year there is 15 applications from Indonesia is on the Top 50 Most Popular application. was on the 10 Top apps.

This year, there will be 50 application selected based on popularity or vote and 10 application will be chosen by jury based on criteria such as technology, design, and business innovation. There will also be People’s Choice Award for the application voted the most by users. The other awards are :

  1. Most Valuable App – Also known as the App of the Year, the winner will be judged on overall Technology, Business and Design Innovation, similar to last year
  2. Rookie App of the Year – The best App of 2011 by a new enterprise / startup
  3. Solution of the Year – Hits a pain point on the spot. Innovate by providing the simplest solution to a difficult problem
  4. Design of the Year – Sexiest looking app, one with the best user interface and experience.

All of the applications that serve the Asia market (registered Asian company or Asia-based individual) can participate in this event. The 50 winners (50 most popular applications) will get chance to attend the main ceremonial event. Since the first stage of this event needs participation from other party, therefore the voters will get also chances to get prizes.

By now, there are local applications from Indonesia that you can vote. Some of them are MySellr, BisTip, WayangForce,,,, Goorme, Bouncity and idblogNetwork. There are also applications I saw on Echelon event and some of them do the pitching on that event.

The complete information can be read here. If you are startup developers or owners, you can register – nominate you app, while the others can start to vote your favorite application.


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