Diskon Spreads Its Business Wings to Semarang

One of daily deals services originated from Yogyakarta, Diskon.com, finally began to expand to other cities and the destination of the company’s expansion in April 2012 is Semarang.

There are interesting reasons why this local daily deals service from Yogyakarta is expanding to Semarang. According to the press release we received, Diskon.com saw that Semarang, until this very second, had never been touched by any local daily deals service. And big daily deals players such as Groupon Disdus and LivingSocial (Dealkeren) have yet to set their sights on this city.

The thing is, other daily deals service from Yogyakarta, MbakDiskon.com, has recently expanded to Semarang as well. Apparently, the deals offered by MbakDiskon for the city are fewer than what Diskon.com offers.

In the press release sent to us, Diskon.com also claims that based on its internal statistic, hundreds of this daily deals members come from Semarang.

For now, there is no significant change from Diskon.com in terms of services and the appearance of its website. It still emphasizes on consumer-based services and 24 hours customer care. According to the press released we received, Diskon.com also has a new service for its members that is COD (Cash On Delivery).

There is no doubt that daily deals service big players in Indonesia are foreign players, namely Disdus which acquired by Groupon and Dealkeren which acquired by LivingSocial. However, some of daily deals services had gone out of business because they were losing competitiveness with the big players or were not strong enough for this type of business model.

Maybe this is a good omen for Diskon.com that managed to expand to Semarang. But, can Diskon.com go against the strict competitive currents of daily deals service in this country?

Let’s wait and see for new surprises and breakthrough from Diskon.com!


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