Australian Daily Deals Aggregator Blip A Deal Comes to Indonesia

Australian based deals aggregator Blip A Deal which was set up six months ago has made its way into 12 countries including Indonesia. In its press release, Blip A Deal has featured more than 10 thousand deals in 500 cities and has an app available for iOS and Android devices.

For Indonesia, Blip A Deal aggregates content from DealKeren,, NawarTrus,,  Evoucher,, and IndoGroupon!, Yep, they actually bypassed Groupon Disdus and picked up IndoGroupon instead which surprisingly is still around. Remember when I brought up the issue from a legal stand point?

What’s interesting about Blip A Deal is that they have managed to overcome the linguistic barrier and localized its service alongside the information in each country. If you check out the Indonesian section, all the information will be served in Indonesian. Aside from that, Blip A Deal aggregates deals form five cities, not just Jakarta.

I’m unaware of any explicit deals between Blip A Deal and the daily deals companies in Indonesia but the company’s brashness in establishing presence in several countries including Indonesia shows that there is still growth potential in the daily deals market even though a couple of sites such as DetikDeal and Maiplay have packed up and left.

Overall, the information displayed by DealGoing is still more pleasant to look at (both in interface and navigational respects) compared to Blip A Deal and this should push the company to pay more attention to such details if they’re going to compete better. Lastly, Blip A Deal probably should work on incorporating Groupon Disdus deals into its aggregator.


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