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IT Experts: Alternative Public DNS Blockage is a Waste

It seems that Indonesia’s internet ecosystem is getting more and more likely to Turkey’s in term of the freedom of using Internet. Unfortunately, it’s not actually something to cherish for. After confirming that they ‘officially’ block the alternative public DNS for the sake of its Healthy Internet Campaign, the government, in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI), is seen by many to be lacking of comprehension in addressing the people’s freedom in exploring the digital world.

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Uber Can Simulates “Surge Pricing” through Free Service Promotion

Cheer up, travelers, as Uber is currently offering a highly tempting deal for you to enjoy Jakarta. For this week only (up to October 11), the private car rental provider lets users to get the feel of their services at no cost at all. This is undoubtedly music to our ears, especially mine. Come on, when do you think can we enjoy such privilege if not during this promotion period?

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Internet of Things Is Actually NOT too Big for Indonesia

People have been predicting that the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) will be the future of technology since 20 years ago. Smart city, one of technologies derived from the concept, has even been the main theme of modernization in Indonesia nowadays. Not to mention other inventions, like smart home and smart car.

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Can We Trust TrustedCompany?

TrustedCompany has just sealed a USD 1 million of Series A funding from three major investors. The fund is obtained to enhance their ideas by protecting online shoppers from the possibility of getting scammed based on consumer reviews. Nevertheless, after paying a visit to the platform and analyzing the posted comments, we were forced to grow our suspicion towards the startup. Can we really trust TrustedCompany?

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