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Are [Digital] Music Services Scalable?

This article by Daniel Ek is quite a treatise. I’m not sure if any of the numbers, especially those that have a currency symbol next to it, are true, yet it does revisit many arguments and myths surrounding music services and the music industry in general.

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OLX Indonesia’s Traction Is Not In Line with Its Brand Awareness’ Positive Trend

As we reported (and questioned) earlier, OLX self-claimed that the re-branding decision that it made doesn’t affect the platform’s brand awareness at all. It relied on the data by MetrixLab, which stated that despite the platform got re-branded, its brand awareness remains high. However, the data that we found at SimilarWeb and Alexa suggested differently. In this regard, both institutions found out that the number of visits that OLX has after the re-branding keeps decreasing significantly.

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