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Indonesia Leads Growth on Digital Advertising in APAC

Indonesia Leads Growth on Digital Advertising in APAC

eMarketer has just rolled out a publication about the state of digital ads industry in Asia Pacific, along with its projection until 2018. Interestingly, based on the total media spending, Indonesia is sitting nicely at the top of the list, having other countries like Singapore and China below it.

This result may a big relieve for startups, considering the fact that most of Indonesia’s local startups are still relying on digital ads, as it isn’t that easy to gather revenue directly from their products or services, although e-commerce vertical has actually started to shine. Since most of Indonesian Android apps developers still find digital ads as the best option, the research’s result would be music to their ears.

Based on the survey results, it seems that there would be even more brands choosing digital media over traditional media. This may open bigger chances for content-based or mobile-based startups to possibly get tons of extra cash in the future.

While Indonesia’s growth number is an undisputed winner, its actual number on total media spending is actually just one percent (1%) of the total spending of all countries in Asia Pacific, which can also mean that there’s a huge room to grow.

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